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  • Mamut Limited Vol. 1, Istanbul, 2023

  • Uzak Yakın Sergi Vol. 1, Izmir, 2023

  • Gagiad Kültür Sanat Festivali, Gaziantep, 2023

  • Summer Dreamin' (Art On Istanbul), Bodrum, 2022

  • Cycle (Art On Istanbul), Istanbul, 2022

  • Night Swimming (Evliyagil Museum), Ankara, 2021

  • So Close (Side x Side Contemporary), International Online Juried Group Exhibition, 2020

  • I.ME.CE Exhibition, Istanbul, 2019

  • Rota Art Competition Exhibition, Istanbul, 2019

  • Mamut Art Project, Istanbul, 2019

  • Mixer Sessions III, Istanbul, 2018

Selected Group Exhibitions
  • Wall (Vision Art Platform), 2021

Solo Exhibitions
  • Mamut Limited, Istanbul Design Museum, 2024

  • Contemporary Istanbul (Art On Istanbul), Istanbul, 2022

  • Artweeks Akaretler (Art On Istanbul), Istanbul, 2022

  • Contemporary Istanbul (Vision Art Platform), Istanbul, 2021

  • Artweeks Akaretler (Vision Art Platform), İstanbul, 2021

  • Contemporary Istanbul (Vision Art Platform), Istanbul, 2020

  • Step Istanbul (Mixer Gallery), Istanbul, 2020

Selected Fairs

Architecture shapes people's relationship with nature. Architectural forms has become universal with understanding of the functionality of modernism rather than being a reflection of cultures. I create compositions with these forms, which everyone may be familiar from their environment, on a surface that represents the nature. In my works, I explain the reflections of human's relationship with nature, which is reshaped with an architectural perspective, in our visual memory.


Ufuk Yılmaz (b. 1989, Bursa) studied fine arts at Uludag University and Maria Curie-Sklodowska University. After teaching visual arts for a while, he now works as a graphic designer in an institution and continues his studies in the field of art.


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